Perceptgulf’s vacancy ad for copywriter, art director and account manager

There was recently a flood of recruitment ads by advertising agencies in Dubai looking for copywriters and art directors. Perceptgulf’s ad made me smile a wicked smile.

I talked to Prashant Sankhe, the Creative Director at Percept Gulf who made this ad happen.
“I think nobody has portrayed the pencil like this before,” he said.

Perceptgulf's recruitment ad for copywriter and art director vacancy 

As you can see, this ad shows a pencil labelled with ad vacancies on its various parts. The lead tip invites English copywriters and proofreaders to apply, the sharpened end calls art directors and graphic designers, the middle part is labelled for production coordinators, and the punchline…

The eraser is labelled ‘client servicing’ – Arab and European – for account manager and account executive posts. Clever!

And he’s been asked more than once: “Why did you put the eraser like that?”

“That’s the interesting point,” is Prashant’s answer. You bet!

Perceptgulf is affiliated to Hakuhodo which is among the top ten advertising groups worldwide. You can mail your CVs to for creative positions and to for client servicing positions – you erasers (sorry, couldn’t resist that.)

If you are a creative reading this – tell me why this ad makes you smile. And if you are a ‘suit’ reading this – tell me why you don’t love me anymore (wicked me). The comments are open.

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  1. How funny! That ad is going to get a lot of responses from creative directors and art directors. As for the account executives…better hope they are stocked up!

  2. Mark Silburn says:

    Hey there Farrukh, nice work! Your blog, and it’s mulitinational posts, have created an interesting cultural crossroads for the advertising fraternity. Maybe an on-line cafe will spring up soon, in which case, being Australian, an account exec and a copy writer…I’ll have a strong ‘Flat White’ with one sugar=to go! Hold on… erase that, I’ve changed my mind.

  3. the best thing to be told about a pencil is that it is the only writing instrument possible in space……..
    That is why pencils must be around ….. even for advertising reasons…. hahahha

  4. shashi rajan says:

    hi i’m from India, Mumbai. I am not from any art school. I have 5 years experience in Advertising Agency as a Graphic Designer to a Jr Art Director to a Art Director. I don’t want to say any else I will deliver every possible thing practically.

  5. Hi Farrukh,

    Nice thinking on the pencil ad, though I’m sure there’s lots of typical ad around the world, but I like the copy.
    I’ve read through some of people’s comments and your responds to them and I totally agree with you on “there’s no rules in creativity”, but I still however believes that there is always lines in Advertising that we cannot cross too far away strategically, yet we still can think out of the box. Anyway, I’m from Indonesia, and I’m a Senior Art Director working in a multinational Agency located in Indonesia, still trying to dig out lots more experience and creativity. Will really appreciate if you can give me references on job vacancies out there in Dubai. Might be cool if I can learn something different out there.

    Thanks & Cheers….

  6. Deola – good to know you like it :-)


  7. Hi Amanda,

    Email me – I think I might have a hi-res version.


  8. Hey Jeff – thanks for writing in. I hope you’ve found what you;re looking for.


  9. I love this.

  10. thank you very much for sharing this! I don’t know if you can share with me this print ad in bigger size / HQ? because I wanna share with my friends, who are also working in ad. field and I love this so much 😉



  11. many thanxs !! i love your comments very insightful. well am a radio DJ stationed in kenya , would like to expand my horizons to the UAE, and most preferably work in a english radio station. Am talented , creative and a voice to match. Help me out on this one.

    Cheers !!!

  12. Welcome Karen,

    Same stuff applies. Floor the CD with your book. Be persistent. And beg, borrow or steal an award for those type of CDs who wouldn’t even meet a potential cub otherwise (I don’t like them much).


  13. Hollla!!!
    lookin to relocate to Bahrain.. any tips on goin about gettin a copywriters post there?

  14. Welcome Preeti – you want a law for creatives? The rule usually is that there are no rules. And no cliches like the one I just wrote 😉

  15. Preeti Sankhe Kulkarni says:

    For you so called “WICKED SMILE”,

    I would have found “Pencil AdWork” more easier,faster,funny and amazing if there was a “creative act (Law)- for such Creators” , which would sound simillar what is in my first line of comment.

    In the first place , it was not an easy thing to digest!

    Though it’s good work by Mr. Prashant Sankhe.

  16. Hi vvn – been so busy, couldn’t reply earlier. Sorry about that.

    Thank you for spending time on my blog. Let me know when you start blogging. Would love to read what the ad life in Malaysia looks like :-)


  17. Hi Farrukh. Am an AD in a small agency in KL, Malaysia. Never ventured into other advertising blogs from people the world over..must indulge in this new found hobby soon. Thanks for having this cool space..its a nice read and a share of thoughts. Oh and happy belated Eid.

  18. Hi and welcome Xeeshan,

    The eraser is what caught my eye too 😉


  19. Nice work, eraser dictates the account management and client servicing as they sometime spare the creative people as they lead the front and all the interaction is between client and account management team.

  20. Alabi Samson Abolade says:

    Hi Farrukh,

    How is work? I am an Art Director with an Agency in Nigeria, West Africa. I’ve read a lot about you on the web. Please send me your e-mail address. I need to mail you.


  21. Hey there Ato, man from Indonesia… welcome!

    Look up my post on how to get a copywriting job in Dubai, on this blog. That would help I think.

    Wishing you da best…


  22. Hi Farrukh,

    Am looking for a job as an Art Director in Dubai or whereabout, do you have any information about that?

    Forget to mention, I am an Indonesian man..

  23. Gerard Davey says:

    Hey Farrukh,
    Just saw your post… yes, would definitely love to accept this invitation and have ‘Ceylon’ tea with you once I make it there.


  24. Welcome Gerry,

    I like the way you have used the word ‘tribe’. Dubai is attracting a lot of talent. If you do fly in, I’d be happy to have some Ceylon tea with a friend from Sri Lanka 😉


  25. Gerard Davey says:

    Hey Farrukkh,
    You’re doing pretty cool mate with your loads of free reeling ‘ad’vice and accurate guidance. It’s pretty focussed but more importantly its quite heart warming. Wish you the very best. I’m Gerard from Chennai, presently married and settled in Sri Lanka… from the same copywriting tribe as you are… with Ogilvy Active and actively seeking seeking to learn more. I did have a small stint in Bahrain, so never know may head where the world is heading sooner or later… Dubai.
    tk care

  26. Hi Ignatius,

    It’s simple actually. Look at the ads you love most. Find out the agency that’s doing them. Apply.


  27. Ignatius says:

    Hello Mr Farruk

    Can you suggest few agencies ” who might be wanting to create succcess using my creativity and talent…” .if you know of anybody in search of the mentioned I would be pleased and most happiest as well.


  28. Hi Sunil and welcome,

    The tips for art directors to get a job here are pretty much the same as those for copywriters. You can look up these with relevant links in one of my earlier posts.


  29. Sunil baindur says:

    Hi Farrukh,
    Fantastic and creative blog.Planning to relocate to Dubai.Will appriciate it if u can share a few tips for an art director.Thanks .Cheers!

  30. If you’re not late, you probably don’t drive in our city, Georgekutty 😉


  31. Georgekutty says:

    Good concept. I think I’m not late for my campaign

  32. Hello Arab Lady,

    Lots of ad vacancies being advertised these days. Offline as well as online.


  33. Hi,
    if there are marketing vacancies, just let me know..

  34. Hi Preeti and Happy New Year to you too,

    Yes, working with others does add a different perspective.

    More people = more ideas

    Do keep visiting and commenting.


  35. Hi Priyanka,

    Good to see you on my blog. Have replied to your mails. You aren’t the kind of a girl that would scare me 😉

    Thank you very much for the Eid wishes, New Year Wishes and the Gold Pencil wish. You are the kind of a girl that deserves a big, warm ‘jhappi’ Munna Bhai style for being so sweet.

    I hope that your dreams come true… and soon.


    Its very creative adv. I am a creative person myself always into Advertising. I like to know different people with different perspectives…you tend to learn different thought processes…and can sometime help you make your own creation with different angle.

    preeti –

  37. Hi! Farrukh,

    Did my mails scare you into doing the vanishing act, was looking forward to your replies or rejoinders as teh case maybe.

    Oh! Belated Eid wishes and also wishes for a wonderful year ahead hope you manage that Gold Pencil.

  38. Hi Subirdas – I don’t have an organisation yet – just a blog. I hope you find what you are looking for – links to recruitment agencies are given elsewhere on this blog.


  39. Looking for Art Director job in your organisation, or any other locations in Dubai.

  40. Hi Mahi,
    Good to see you again, my friend.
    Pencils aren’t boring, they’re tasty. I chew them all the time. Can’t wait to sink my teeth in a Gold Pencil – ah, the dreams that never end!
    Note to myself: I should stop replying to comments of my precious readers on an empty tummy.

  41. Hey UAE Creatives – you have interpreted it both ways, nice! I wonder how a suit would taste with ketchup and sauce… LOL.

  42. “PENCIL” again…. dont you think it’s boring!!! I”ve seen Pencil transformed in to many objects in advertising many times. Proportion…. believe me an art director can’t hold that short pencil anymore:) its going to end soon.

    briefartcopyspraymountsmile… suits.

  43. My take:

    A sarcastic view from a disillusioned creative working in a ‘client servicing driven’ agency would be – “Creatives create while the suits undo (erase) all the creative work!” ;-)!

    In a creative driven agency, probably the suits would say “Creatives scribble drivel, we clean up (erase) their mess!” 😀

    Ultimately, suits and creatives have to learn to work together in balance and harmony…the only way to go – a kind of arranged marriage!

    Well written post Farrukh!

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