Where is the Campaign ME website? Campaign ME blog?

Campaign ME has gone missing online. Our favourite Campaign ME blog about advertising in the UAE and Middle East is not to be found either. Both web links are leading us to ‘ArabianBusiness.com’. What’s going on?

My friends who had nominations in the Campaign ME Awards are worried. And of course creative buddies who used to get the joy of seeing their work and names in the creative showcase are wishing this is all a bad dream. That we’ll wake up tomorrow to another crisp copy of Campaign ME magazine in the agency… full of news, views, the lure of greener pastures in the last pages, and of course, the spicy bits from our well-informed reporter – The Spin.

Someone pinch me. Wake me up. Tell me this isn’t happening. I want my online fix.

Finders will be rewarded.

PS: Gulf News is also on the Campaign trail

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  1. Hi All,

    Do you know if we can find campaign ME in a magazine format?



  2. Jazarah! has linked to this post too. Blogging is the new reporting.


  3. Comment No 18 above is a trackback entry from Roy Greenslade’s blog on Guardian Unlimited – he’s blogged about the mystery there and linked to my blog.


  4. Hi Mahi,

    Yeah – I hope our complimentary subscriptions don’t go away with a new publisher.


  5. Hi Tom: Welcome and thanks for the update. Friend at Campaign were doing a good job – I wonder what happens to them if it goes to another publisher.


  6. That mean no more my Campaign ME free copy:(

  7. The story I have from Haymarket is that ITP just stopped publishing, no explanation. And that they still don’t have anything in writing from them (as of Wednesday), and are trying to get some other Dubai publisher to take over the name.

  8. AC – welcome – yeah – the name keeps cropping up. I wonder how that’s going to turn out.


  9. SIN: Welcome to the blog – the mystery hasn’t unfolded completely yet. Do keep us posted.


  10. some say it is moving to motivate. Let us wait and see

  11. Don’t be suprised if Communicate manages to get some juicy bits in before the shit really hits the roof…
    But i’ve heard similar stories, and waiting for some feedback from an insider there…will keep y’all posted

  12. Hello Lisbeth,

    Wish I could help – but I don’t own or run a company – well, not yet at least. However, if you’d like to have company for a cup of coffee one of these days, that we can do :-)


  13. Hi xnegvx and welcome,

    Yes, the site is being redirected – a little page saying why would have been some consolation for Campaign fans.

    You’ve got fantastic sea gull pictures on your blog which reminded me of Bach’s bestseller. Syrian stall, Chinese knick-knacks, Indian salesmen – yes, that’s Dubai for you 😉


  14. Heyy Martin,

    Good to hear from you. Thank for filling us in – I’ve heard some similar things although nothing has been officially quoted by either side yet. Let’s see as the mystery unfolds.

    About the awards – lot of friends are feeling heartbroken. And about the magazine, website, blog – well – it’s like being deprived of a good cup of well-brewed coffee.

    I hope things get sorted out and our friends at Campaign come back soon – I don’t mind if it’s a new avatar or masthead. Given the circumstances, they’re handling it well I feel as far as refunds are concerned.


  15. It seems like their site is being redirected. May be temporary as Samer has suggested. I have read Jonathan Livingstone and that happen to be one of my favorites along with “To Kill a Mocking Bird”.

    Trip to Global Village made me felt like I was being ripped off. In syria court, most things were “Made in China” and being sold by Mallu sales guys. Now thats what I call a Global Village.

  16. Farrukh,

    I heard from a journalist in France that Haymarket has pulled the license from ITP after some “differences about revenue sharings” so Campaign ME has been shut down by London… but then this is a 3rd party reference.

    After being invited by Campaign ME to attend their February awards ceremony (although we @ Flip did not submit any awards as per earlier blog discussion) I responded to the invite asking if the above is true and just got a short response from ITP acknowledging that the awards will be canceled due to reasons beyond their control.

    Ashley Rees amd Richard Packenham have also not contact us with regards to advertising being a regular spender on the magazine and site.

    Let’s see if the rumours are true – and for the sake of our industry let’s hope that they aren’t.


  17. Lisbeth Torres says:

    My name is Lisbeth Torres
    I am interested on a position in your company


  18. Welcome Samer, and welcome.

    You’re right – we’re hoping to have our weekly dose back. There are so few ad publications around.


  19. Weird, I hope its not permanent.


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  2. Greenslade says:

    The magazine that suddenly vanished

    Where has Campaign Middle East gone? The Dubai-based offshoot of our own dear Campaign seemed to be doing rather well, and I had been enjoying my weekly emails from the magazine. But the last electronic edition arrived on February 4…

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