Biggest ad poster in the world revealed by Sorouh in Dubai, UAE. And how you can put your face on it…

Abu Dhabi based real estate brand Sorouh unveiled the world’s biggest poster in Dubai yesterday at a press conference held at Hyatt Regency Hotel from where one can get a glimpse of the record-breaking site on the ground.


The poster covers 20,000 square metres!

The poster is a part of Sorouh Faces – a corporate citizenship campaign devised to collect one million faces to place on the poster site. For every photo received in the Sorouh Faces campaign, Sorouh will donate US$1 to the UAE Red Crescent, adding up to a donation of US$ 1 million!

“Our $1m donation will help fund a new Red Crescent programme which will repair and reconstruct the homes of the underprivileged, here in the UAE.”

Masood Al Awar, Special Advisor to Chairman of Sorouh and Executive Director Sales and Marketing

The Sorouh Faces campaign was conceptualised by TBWA\RAAD Abu Dhabi which handles the Sorouh account, with support from TBWA\RAAD Dubai providing strategic support and TBWA\RAAD PR handling the media relations. The poster was created using unique technology developed by Ad-Air, which plans to have many more such sites around the world.

And now, the fun part where everyone can join in…

How to put your face on Sorouh’s world-record breaking site, free

You can upload your photo for free to help others by following the link at or visiting the dedicated website at

Simply upload your picture on it and soon, you could see it among so many others which will form a new image on this world-record breaking site. For every picture you upload free, Sorouh will donate US$ 1 to charity. So, go for it!

Trivia: According to World Records Academy, to prepare the site for this poster, over 360 tonnes of concrete was removed to level the ground. And it took over 70 workers along with 8 contractors working 24 hours a day over 8 weeks to make this happen. Isn’t easy breaking a world record, is it?


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  1. The site is taken down any records left?

  2. Assangemer says:

    Is it possible to contact administration?
    By the way, anybody home?!
    bye bye ;))

  3. THERE IS NO SITE that we can VISIT and view the pictures online.
    Sorouh was supposed to get back to all those of us who submitted pics online. But as usual and atypical of the way things work here. eVERYTHING IS LAUNCHED WITH A big bang AND A LOT OF fanfare and the pssshhhhhh…it all fizzles out.

  4. I submitted my photo.How can I see my photo to know that it has been publised ?

  5. What location where?
    Can it be viewed online?
    In case I forget to chk back will u email me pls.

  6. Farrukh,
    how the poster will be made: painted, printed, engraved, led lights/digital and how long the image will last under the dubai sun?
    Thank you,

  7. It’s the same location as in the picture, Hamza – beside Hyatt in Dubai.


  8. i sent my pic to the project and they accepted it a yr ago.. i was told in the email (i think) i would informed abt the location of the picture! is there an e version of the poster

  9. It’s already there Sadeem and Kaya – same location. Lots and lots and lots of pics.

  10. Hello
    Same query? When do we get to see our pics on this mega 3 football fields sized poster?
    It was launched with so much HOOHAH then it all fizzled out.

  11. hi when we can see it in reality i mean when will it finish?

  12. Sum1,

    It’s good to read a post before posting a comment on it. Go back and read the first sentence. Sorouh is based in Abu Dhabi – its poster is in Dubai. Who’s the freak, then 😉


  13. this isnt a dubai real estate company its a real estate company in abu dhabi get ur facts right freaks SOROUH RULES!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D: :P:P:P:P:P

  14. Good day Viktoria,

    Once an advertising agency selects you for modelling a brand, you’d have to be physically present for the shoot. Modelling agencies usually supply talent to ad agencies.


  15. good day Farrukh)could you pleas tell me how can i make a reques to the advertising companys to use my fotos on advertising?i really want to try,if u want to look at me i ll send u my fotos

  16. Hey Greg,

    I’d think that a publication like Forbes Arabia might be a good niche option. But if you’re going to invest valuable media dollars, I recommedn that you consult a specialist media agency. Online would give you more value for your money, I personally think.

    You can email me for further queries.


  17. Hello Farrukh,

    The demographic I am looking to find would be in the high end development sector. Another would be high net worth individuals looking for a vacation home. Do you have any that you could recomend? I have never been to the UAE so until I visit I am trying to get others first hand opinions.

    Best wishes

  18. Hi Greg,

    The UAE has more than 300 print publications – many of these are targeted to the high-end market. You could go for many niche publications or a few mass ones. Portals and websites which can give you a user demographic could also be good ideas.

    Yet, I am not sure what demographic in the UAE would like to buy property in the US.


  19. Hello farrukh,

    Can you recomend a good outlet to advertise in to reach a high end demographic in UAE? I am a Realtor in the U.S. ( Florida ) and I represent high end homes and many other commercial projects such as hotels and multi – family housing.


  20. Hi Yoseph,

    And welcome to my blog.


  21. hmmm

  22. Hi Jessica and welcome,

    Sorry for the delay in replying – this is a busy time with lots of campaigns and deadlines. And thanks for the kind words.

    What do really mean when you say customer profile? Are you talking demographics? There are companies and agencies that do consumer research, and real estate research. Call me when you have time. I could suggest a few names.


  23. Hey,

    First of all , this blog is a very good idea, so congrats farrukh.
    I am working in a marketing department of a Real Estate company in in the UAE. I need to get some information about the customer profile in the country and the region more generally. Do you know where I can get such information?

    Thanks in advance

  24. Welcome Don,

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    True – Dubai has a knack for superlatives. Not necessarily a bad or damaging thing in my opinion if it leads to superlative experiences too. Let’s see how the world’s tallest tower and the first ever underground hotel turn out to be.

    One could argue that brands should donate their marketing and advertising budgets to charity too in addition to the part they set apart for CSR initiatives. I tend to think that successful marketing and PR campaigns that create a buzz will lead to a greater market share, leading to greater profits to set apart for humanitarian causes.


  25. Don Quijote says:

    Charity, mixed with Marketing and PR in big size. Very smart.

    Dubai is the place of the biggest things…but without soul.

    How much did cost to build that poster? It wouldn’t have been easy to build the homes for the homeless? but what am I thinking!!?? then, it wouldn’t have had the same impact.

    It is similar to the RED campaign in America.

    Has anyone considered this as damaging advertising? I read an article published in a Canadian Newspaper, criticising strongly Dubai because it seems desperate to get “the biggest” titles.

    For me it is an other brick on the wall , and an unsipatizacing feeling with Sorouh.