English copywriter job position in Dubai, UAE for award-winning advertising agency

A hot and creative advertising agency based in Dubai, with a wall full of creative awards and a regional and multinational presence is looking for a full time English copywriter to join them immediately.

You need to have a stunning portfolio of ads across all media, and be an expert in BTL. Long copy should come easy to you. Brochures, leaflets, posters, direct mailers should be your forte.

The agency started out as a creative hot shop around 10 years ago. Swept quite a few coveted awards as it grew, adding PR, events into its portfolio. And very soon, you could be at a good position in its own independent BTL division as its chief copywriter?


Rush you CVs to farrukh.copywriter(at)gmail.com and I’ll forward them on to one of the founders of the agency who’s looking to meet the prospective copywriter in Dubai asap.

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  1. sir, i need to know the education qualification to be a copywriter in dubai.
    sir is there any chance to be a tv ad script?

  2. Mohammad Saad Khan says:

    Hello farrukh,
    My name is Mohammad Saad Khan and i am from incredible India country.I have done masters in LANGUAGE OF ADVERTISING MEDIA AND MARKETING from ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY on this July 2015. I am looking a job or an intership in an advertising agency because i really loves my work i.e copywriting.I wanted to become a part of creative team.I have lots of ideas which you have never listen by anyone.I am just waiting for a good opportunity Thatswhy i am knocking your door.
    Plzz do reply ..thanks .
    Plzzzzz do reply.i will be waiting .

  3. Hello Farrukh,
    I am Maria from Pakistan. Right now i am student of Communication design in University of Karachi. I am in 2nd yr. I have an offer to do internship this year in LeoBurnett in Karachi. I want to know in advance if it is possible for me to find internship with your company in Dubai next year in summer? I would love to have some experience with ad agency there. Please do reply, i will be waiting.

  4. Hi there

    I am a junior marketing executive with a bag full of ideas and fresh concepts; and I thought that Dubai will be a place like Singapore, Thailand or Hong Kong, an established international advertising hub

    So I packed up my bag and head over here. After a year in Dubai, I must say that I am a bit disappointed. The advertising scene here is far from ‘international’.The scene here is very local. First you have two type of advertising; 1. advertising towards Arabic speaking population and 2. advertising towards expats popultaion.
    For Arabic speaking population I guess Egypt is the place that produces them, not Dubai (although there are a few in here). For expat population, the scene is divided amongst 5-10 languanges and cultures. English speaking, Hindi, Swahili, Tagalog, Chinese etc. And they all already have their own media habits brought from their own countries. So when communicating to expats in Dubai we are talking about communicating to only a hand-full of English speaking expats, which is very segmented.

    Do you agree with this?

  5. Peter Wangira says:

    Hi farrukh.am peter wangira from kenya. thanks for the good job you are doing. am a fresh graduate journalist cum copywriter. would you like to look at my portfolios and find me a place in UAE where i can be able to practice my passion thanks

  6. Atif Shaikh says:

    Hi, Farrukh.. This is Atif Shaikh from Mumbai, India… Stumbled upon your blog while googling 4 a copywriter’s job in Dubai… Why do you say that the time isn’t right to leave india and come to dubai????? pls enlighten me… I’ve just about begun my hunt after spending about 6 years in mainstream advertising, including a brief stint at FCB0ULKA, Mumbai…

  7. Hello

    I am a senior copywriter working in a mid size agency in Mumbai. I want to try in the best agencies in Dubai but not sure if the time is right. How do i go for this, kindly guide

  8. I am a senior copywriter with more than 10 years experience in Middle east. Would like to know more details of the job

  9. hey farrukh, this is chetan..i m working as a creative copywriter in india for last 1 year..i m more of an ideator then just a copywriter..may be print ads, radio spots or tvc’s..i m desperately looking to persue this job out in dubai, uk or australia at my earliest..but i m completely clueless how to get there..i dont even want to land up with something considerable..i want it to be the best and ofcourse CREATIVE…i have forwarded my cv on your mailing address…can u help me with this..??

  10. Hi, i would appreciate your advice on 2 things:

    1. I have a Bsc in Psychology & language studies and am currently finishing my Msc in Biotechnology. I’ve mainly had short-term work experience in the health-care sector. My situation is that I am a creative person and have also been interested in advertising, but never really pursued it. At this stage (no jobs avail in healthcare!), considering my qualifications, what do you think I could do to try my hand at this field? I do have a psychology background, do you consider it useful? I would like to have your opinion.

    2. Above, you mentioned that you do not favour the route of going via head-hunters and recruiters. Could I know why you say that?


    • Hi AB,

      Understanding people and the conversation in their minds is valuable in advertising – so your psychology background can be useful if it goes beyond theory.

      It’s better to take a route where skill and talent comes into the picture more than money and commissions – therefore I do not favour the head-hunter route. Also, there have been some nasty cases here of headhunters who are completely unprofessional and tend to exploit both the agency and the talent. Best way, even today, is for creative people to get in touch with head creatives directly. In my opinion.


  11. Hi Farrukh,

    I’m a copywriter from India. Used to work a so-called big agency in Dubai until November last year, but it didn’t work out. My visa got cancelled and I face a long 6-month labour ban.

    I fell short of getting a couple of jobs here as the agencies could not procure a work visa for me. Do you know of any vacancies in Dubai Media City?

    Please advice.



    • Hi Z,

      As you might have read in most of my recent replies, it’s tough in advertising these days in Dubai. If you had a 6-month ban in November, it’s just a couple of months before you can work again I guess. No, I don’t know of a DMC company hiring currently. But I do wish you get placed somewhere good soon.

      Keep the faith!


  12. Hi Farrukh,
    This is Ashitava. It’s amazing to see that you answer so many queries. It’s a great job you’re doing. I’m a copywriter from Delhi working as Copy Group Head here and looking for an opportunity in Dubai. Do you think in this time of recession there are enough vacancies around, in Dubai?

    • I try to keep this blog like a conversation rather than a monologue, time permitting, Ashitava.

      This is not the perfect time to be arriving in Dubai for job hunting, I think. But there are companies, industries and agencies that are growing – so you got to know your game before you take the leap.


  13. hey farrukh,

    thx for the info….. i was just checking out some available courses and found out MBA in advertising and media as a course offered. What do u think about this one?

    Also i wud need a tip to find a good internship with an ad agency at the end of this sem, may-june 2009. Do you happen to know any that are fair and actually invite interns to apply rather than chosing special guests [read sources].

    thx again…. :)

  14. Hi J and team,

    With awards and top agencies and brand in your portfolio, it shouldn’t be too hard getting noticed when you touch base with CDs here.

    Yes, getting in touch with CDs is the tricky bit – can happen via phone, online or for creatives who are here, even via face to face meetings. You’ll have to contact your dream agency directly and ask for the CD. That’s how most people do it.

    There are also recruiters and headhunters in the market – but I’m not too much in favour of that route.


  15. Hi there,

    My partner and I are a senior integrated creative team with experience and awards from the best integrated and below the line agencies in London. Do you have any advice on how we can get into Dubai?


  16. Hi Cindy,

    I think you should target publishers rather than ad agencies. There are many contract publishers with many magazines in their portfolio.


  17. Hey Shubhit,

    MICA in Ahmedabad is supposed to be good. And IIMC in New Delhi. And NIA in Delhi too – that’s where I studied advertising :-)


  18. Thanks Merlin – it’s an exclamation mark now!


  19. Hi Reema,

    If you can put together some sample ads, TV spot scripts for real brands, maybe even team up with an aspiring art director to make complete ads with visuals – you’d have string chances of getting noticed by ad agencies when you go with your ads to them.

    Hope that helps…


  20. Hey Fairozsa,

    I don’t have to charge for helping people with info – it all comes back to me manifold anyway :-)

    This is a tough time for job seekers because of the global crunch.


  21. Hi Tony,

    Sorry – been very busy but still trying my best to respond to people who take out time to visit and comment on this blog.

    You need to go and meet agencies and creative directors and copywriters. The more you see, the more you’ll know what needs to be done for your target market/agency.


  22. Cindy Teres says:

    Hello Farrukh

    Glad to have seen this blog. It is indeed a very useful read. Thanks to you.

    I was wondering if I could get some assistance on my clarifications below:
    I am trying to promote my skills in Editorial Cartooning in the UAE. How do you think the market is in the UAE. Will I be able to target Ad Agencies…if so in what particular depts. How are the Ad agencies here, effected from the global economic crisis.

    Thanks in Advance


  23. Hi

    I am currently pursuing my 2nd year in BJ(MC). I am interested to make my mark in the field of Advertising. Can you please tell me about any specialised courses that i could take up at the PG level for this which would ensure a better place for me in the current market scenario.

    Thanks in advance

  24. merlin flower says:

    Hi Farrukh,

    I’ve been trying to enter into the ad scene for quite sometime now. Wonder how I missed this blog??? The question mark is for me, by the way!! Wonderful blog….


  25. reema chakraborty says:

    hi Farrukh
    Its a really nice and helpful blog.i am a pursuing my Masters degree in Engish literature and am really interested to work in Ad agencies as a copy writer.but dont have any idea how to proceed on this path.please do suggest me what i should do next after completing my MA with English and if required what course should i join in.

    would be waiting to hear from you.please do reply.

  26. Hey Farrukh

    Awesome blog! You seem to have become the middle man for ppl wanting to relocate to the UAE…about time you start charging for your services:P

    Was just wondering if you know of any multi-national agencies based in Dubai that are looking for senior copywriters at the moment?



  27. Tony Martin says:

    hi Farrukh
    Please know that I feel for you on the loss of your beloved father.
    Your blog is truly inspiring.
    I want a big name out there to explore my potential as a copy writer.
    Kindly let me know where to start or how to go about hunting for a job that has so long remained only a passionate dream.
    Tony Martin

  28. Hi Neil and thanks for your compliment.

    Most top agency networks are here – from TBWA to JWT to Saatchi to Ogilvy to Leo Burnett. And then there are some hot indy ones like Tonic. Depends on what you’re after.


  29. Hi Murtaza,

    Email me your credentials – in case any opportunity comes up :-)


  30. Hi Farrukh!

    Great blog! I’m an English Copywriter, based in Sweden with a bag full of great work behind me. Looking for a new challenge and your part of the world arouses my curiosity. Who are the top 5 agencies in the UAE? I read above you recommend contacting them directly.

    Thanks in advance


  31. Hi Farrukh,

    Great Blog!

    My name is Murtaza, I am from Karachi, working as Associate Creative Head with a local agency. I have been extensively working working as a freelancer with few UAE agencies. Now, I plan to move to UAE and need a good offer to change gears.

    Copywriting and Concepts are my core fields, but I can feature into more creative roles as an editor, script writer, lyricist and for that matter director too.

    Let me know if you can assist me for some potential opportunities.

    Murtaza Habib Shakir

  32. Hi Shadab,

    You could do well here in the UAE I think. Mail me with a link to your good stuff and I’ll see if I can help.


  33. Shadab Abidi says:

    Hi Naeem!

    I have been a full time copywriter since 2004. Based in New Delhi, India, I have worked with international ad agencies like Publicis, BBDO and Grey Worldwide.

    I am very much interested in prospects with Dubai ad agencies.

    Would love to hear from you. Please do reply.


  34. Hi Ben,

    The job market for advertising is always open for good talent here. Most of the global advertising agency networks are here. More and more branding firms are coming in too.

    Contracts are usually unlimited or for 3 year periods which is the normal duration of a residence visa for an expat worker here.

    You can approach agencies directly – in fact, I think that’s a good way as it saves the advertising agency money by recruiting direct rather than through middlemen.

    Go for it!


  35. Hi there,

    I’m an experienced copywriter who’s potentially interested in moving over to Dubai. I’ve got a portfolio that covers a wide range of advertising and communication channels with a particular focus on business-to-business. Could you give me any idea of what the job market is like over there in the advertising and communications world? Also, I was wondering if there were any companies I could approach directly? In an ideal world I’d intially like to do a 6 month contract with a company that was building a brand and putting together a suite of communications.

    Many thanks for your help.


  36. For your portfolio, it’d be good to team up with another person having skills that complement yours. So, if you’re a writer, you need to team up with an art person.

    Good CDs can spot ideas even in scribbles but it’d be best to have ads that are closer to a final product if you can manage that.

  37. Bhoomika says:

    Thank you so much .. will get the books ASAP. And the portfolio .. Can i make it myself? .. or do i seek their help? (the Ad Agency i mean)
    We had this competition .. Advertisement and the creative director who came on to judge it quite liked my ideas so let’s see .. i’m hoping to get in touch with them and see if i can bag a summer internship ! He said he’d see because they usually offer it to University students.

    Thanx a lot..
    Hope to keep in touch

  38. Hi Bhoomika,

    You need to look up the various job profiles in an ad agency and see where you think you fit best – copywriter, art director, graphic designer?

    As an intern, you would need to show how good you are at coming up with ideas. Se if you can from a copywriter-art director kind of a team to create a joint portfolio of spec ads. Will help an agency see what kind of ads you can make when given the chance.

    See if you can get advertising classics like David Ogilvy’s or Claude Hopkins’ books to read from your local library or a friend.

    Hope this helps,


  39. Bhoomika says:

    Hey ..

    Really nice blog .. you were actually just the kind of person i was looking for since i’ve been seriously considering Advertisement as my main career option and i’ve been very curious to know the Ad agency scene around Dubai. I was actually wondering how i could go about a summer internship in an Ad agency .. just for the experience! I’m a year 11 student studying commerce and i’d really appreciate it if you could just let me know .. give me an idea..?! I was aiming for the creative team .. director.. so do i need to major in a particular subject or can i just go ahead with an Arts degree? I’m a little clueless.. a lot actually! will owe you SO much for your help ..
    Thanx in advance..

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