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Farrukh Naeem Copywriter Journalist Dubai UAEHi,

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Farrukh and I am an advertising copywriter, journalist and ad blogger based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy the time spent on these pages. Do feel free to go through the posts and add your comments and feedback. That’s the great thing about blogs – they’re not monologues but discussions. And you’re most welcome to express yourself here. Even if we disagree.

Since this is the ‘About me’ page and you are probably looking for my credentials here, following is a little background about my professional life. Just the juicy bits…

Global brands I have worked on:
In the 10 years that I have been writing professionally, I have written for some of the hottest brands in the world, including:

Thomas Cook
Millennium Hotels
Sheraton Hotels
Rodeo Drive

Media I have written for
My copywriting exploits have covered a wide range of media: from press and magazine ads to TV commercials and radio spots; from direct mailers to press releases; from corporate brochures to online catalogues.

Power-packed BTL edge
I have beefed up my above-the-line credentials with stints as TV commercial scriptwriter in a production house and a direct marketing writer in one of the largest integrated marketing solutions companies in the world under the Y&R banner.

Multi-industry, multicultural experience
Having had the privilege to work for multiple industries and a multicultural audience across a wide spectrum of media, it’s easy for me conceptualise and craft attention-grabbing and insightful communication campaigns for various brands that arrive at my desk day after day.

Solid journalism credentials
As a journalist, again, I have covered a wide range of industries including telecom, cosmetics, health, transport, internet, education, finance, and more. I have had the privilege to meet and interview the opinion leaders, the movers and shakers of these industries in the Middle East region.

My views and reports related to advertising, marketing, and creativite initiatives have been cited and/or featured across TV, radio, press and online publications regionally and internationally, including:
IN TV, 101.6 City FM, Campaign, Gulf Marketing Review, Gulf News, Emirates Today, Emirates Evening Post,, Guardian UK, Forbes (Arabia) and many other offline and online publications, and the list keeps increasing…

Plans I have for this blog:
I would like to use this blog to post thoughts, ideas and information on advertising, marketing and other creative pursuits.

Your feedback would be appreciated and your views valued.

You can write to me at farrukh.copywriter(at)

Let’s get on to the posts then… click here -> Marketing, Advertising and Creativity in the UAE to read my posts.

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  1. Dear friend
    I am a copy writer and I want to be placed with any reputed firm in Dubai.
    Can you guide me?

  2. Hi Farrukh,

    I appreciate your idea of Knowledge sharing here, sure it would boost your self esteem as well eventually enabling you to master in your own profession!

    Here is my problem- i am from an engineering background. But my 2 year work experience had involved market research pertaining to construction projects in the oil & gas industry of the GCC. So I am pretty good at gathering information by now. I had also taken up couple of editorial opportunities(feature insights) in certain magazine. Keeping in mind my background is it advisable to kick off into a 100% writing career? What are my possible opportunities?

    Best regards,

  3. Mo (via Dubai poster) says:

    As a former University English teacher I can say your English is strong! Kudos! I wish I could say the same for my German (am in Berlin).

    Please send me the Quoro invite, and I’ll see if your posts are sufficiently relevant for me to keep getting them.

  4. Firrdaus Yusoff says:

    A’slm Farrukh!

    What an incredibly insightful set up you have here. It’s very refreshing to get an honest perspective from a copywriter in Dubai–a place i’m highly keen to flex my writing expertise.

    I’ve emailed you a couple of weeks back, in regards to working in the region. I do hope you’ll be able to get back to me.

    Looking forward to your reply mate.

  5. Dear,

    I am a writer/creator of technical literature for the repair of cars.

    My work is used and commercialized by a company who is paying me on the basis of a license agreement.

    From May 2011 onwards I will start living in the UAE on a permanent basis and am wondering which would be the best (and cheapest) way to get me a resident visa, to open a bank account,… Etc…

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated…

    Thank you & Best Regards,


  6. KUNLE CAUCHY says:

    hello my brother, i am kunle cauchy in nigeria. i am an creative advertising copywriter and visualist. i will like you help me in some areas. what are your challenges of working on multinational brand?

  7. Mohsin Rasheed Khan says:

    HI Farrukh, i have posted a comment but still i am waiting for youor reply and on the other hand i can not find it here, may you please let me know, is there any thing wrong in that comment.
    Mohsin Rasheed Khan

  8. Hi there Farrukh

    I have had the pleasure to browse through your newsletters whenever it comes to me.

    Such excellent discussions you have here…Just the thing needed for UAE! Congrats to you!

    I am glad I am a fan of UAE (where you write from), having worked here almost 10 years myself.

    Can you tell me if there are similar type of blog (by and for UAE residents) you know of, catering to the creative and visual arts category?

    Thanks and regards

  9. Hi Farrukh,
    This blogs seems to be a resource of diversed career ideas for a writer. Hats off to you for maintaining it so well. Iam a post graduate in English language and literature with an experience of 3 years in the teaching field. But my life long aimbition is to be a writer and am looking out for an opening. As I don’t have any proir experience in this field will I get a job as a writer? Now am in Abudhabi with my family and looking out to start my career. Can you help me out with your valuable suggestions and I want to test myself to find how good am in the writing. So will you help me?


  10. hai sir , i am jesu ,now i am working in one printing press , but i did MBA , i am looking for better job ,what i do tell me sir , but i dont have the UAE experience , tell me one best way.

  11. NASEEF CHENATH says:

    Thi is Naseef
    .I am an Indian.Now in Dubai.Loooking for a job in Journalism or ccopywriting.In fact,I have done my master degree in Journalism in India.
    well,As yoiu are an experianced person in this field,i wonder if you could give me some valuable advice in this regard as a beginner.
    you know, i have enough exposure as a freelancer in this field.but i would like to expand my career more.
    hope you would get back to me

  12. Hi Farrukh,

    My name is Arif, 21 years of age from Manchester (UK). I am in my final years of study of my degree – BA Advertising Design, at the moment i am currently about to start my major project, this would envolve me contacting advertising agencies to get current briefs set to them, allowing me to develope a real life campaign. I was wondering would you be able to email me the name and deatils of major advertising agencies in Dubai?



    • Hi Arif,

      If I was in your place – I’d look up [advertising agencies in Dubai] on Google rather than asking someone to make a list for me.

      Of course, you could even save time and outsource the task (would cost a few dollars) and count that as good entrepreneurial experience too.


  13. Hi,
    I want to be a copywriter (Arabic), how can I start? I beleive I have talent in this _!!! :) but don´t know how to start, can I work with agencies online, cause here in Muscat we have very little choice.


  14. Hi Manoj,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Tried to call you but your phone wasn’t working. I’m looking for graphic designers who know what they’re doing.

    Call me when you can – my number’s on the blog.


  15. Hi Farrukh,

    You have a great blog.. I love to write as a hobby though lately I started to capitalize it for extra income.. 😉


  16. Farrukh,
    I am proud of u my dear.

  17. Amit Akali says:

    hi farrukh
    i wud like to knw wht is scene in advertising in dubai now. is there any scope for copy openings. am a copy person with ample experience

  18. Funmi Omoike says:

    Im a fresh graduate who studied English language and also, i have a diploma in Mass Communications. Im very interested in working your field of advertising, but the issue here is that i don’t knoe how to go about it. I’ve been advised to go regisiter with its professional body here in Nigeria, but the fees are high, and right now i can’t afford it.
    Do you have any information that can help me out? Like how you got to your current status, the steps you took?

  19. Hi Farrukh,

    I read your blogs today for the first time, and I am impressed with your posts. Its really cool. Congrats for your success & wish you much more in future as well. Your blogs are not only impressive but they are motivating too.

    As others have done, I too would like to have your opinion poll on my doubts. I have done ,y MBA in International business from Mumbai. I am working in Dubai since 2007, prior to which I worked in Mumbai for 6 years in the field of Logistics, Supply chain & Marketing. Advertising was my passion from my college days (mainly giving one liners, tag lines, jingles etc). Few of my friends were doing degree from JJ school of arts – Mumbai in Commercial arts stream. I used to help them in giving the copy for there ad projects (print media related). That is how I made my portfolio. During the past few years I am making copies just as a hobby & helping my friends.

    I have ideas but I don’t know the basics. Could you please suggest how I can understand the field of copywriting. Is there any crash courses / workshops available in UAE which teaches copywriting & is it really worth. Or if there are some books I can refer to.

    Looking forward for your reply.



  20. Great job Farrukh, keep it up 😉

  21. Hello Farrukh

    Your blog is really very informative. I’m journalist based in India with 10 year experience (5 as a copy editor). Wanted to work in a UEA newspaper. Was wondering if you can help.


  22. Sheikh Azraai says:

    Thanks for your reply!.

  23. Dear Sheikh Azraai,

    The idea is more important than the words or the picture or the typography. Always develop an idea first before you start getting into the language subtleties.

    That’s what I can suggest, my friend.


  24. Hi Linda,

    There’s lots of freelance work available in the market – specially in publishing. Getting in touch with agencies and publishers will help you tap into this field.


  25. Asslamualaikum Farrukh from Malaysia!

    My name is Sheikh Azraai and I’ve been reading your blog for the past 3 days. First and foremost, I find some of your articles to be very interesting, light and easy to read. Just how a good copy should be in the first place. I have a blog called and it would do me great just to have a comment or feedback from you regarding my english. I’ve been a copywriter for a year and half now and I feel that the more I worry about my english, the more I find myself straying from my conceptualizing skills. HELP! What should I do?

    If you do check out my blog, I truly appreciate it. Assalamulaikum.

  26. Hi Farrukh

    I like ur website. I used to freelance in India as a Content Writer back home in India. Now i have a regular job in Dubai, can you help me get some freelance writer part time jobs or copy writing and editing as Im really good at the English language. Thanks. All the best to you.

  27. Hi Reynold,

    Most of the ad biggies are here – as I keep saying on this blog. And you don’t need to be a bilingual copywriter in English and Arabic.

    Yeah – my offer for coffee still stands.


  28. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your kind words. Ads in Abu Dhabi come in all varieties. Not all are highly creative.


  29. Hey Farrukh,
    you deserve one big pat on your back for replaying to each and every one of those queries…Just one thing tho, Im a copywriter in India, have been in the industry for a good part of 4-5 yrs. Was wondering what’s the scope there for writers who don’t write in Arabic. Also, which are some of the better known agencies there?
    Thanks a ton. and when I’m in Duabi, we must do that coffee..Yo’re a big help another pat on your back!

  30. Hi Farruk,

    what’s a great blog!
    Really it is an interesting blog for people who are interested in Advertising.
    You have posted Great, Valuable & Useful information about Advertising.
    I just want to know what is your opinion about Ads campaign in Abu Dhabi, Is it creative or as some said it is not creative as it should be?

  31. Hi Kunaal,

    Good to know you like the blog.

    You can email me what’s on your mind. Email’s on the blog – left hand panel.


  32. many thanks, Farrukh!

  33. Kunaal Jagtianey says:

    Hi Farrukh, I’m a big fan of your blog and work.
    I am currently living in Toronto, Canada studying creative advertising at Seneca college. I love the whole field but my passion lies in copy writing. I used to live in Kuwait but I have been to Dubai a few times in my life and would love to work there. I was just wondering if I coul have an informational interview with you or if you wouldn’t mind me sending you some questions. Hope to hear from you soon.

  34. Welcome Sanjay from India,

    Going through this blog and my replies to queries, I hope you’ll get a fair idea of the UAE market and what is required from copywriters.

    India is of course a great place to be a copywriter specially now with TV ads reflecting more and more slices of real life.


  35. Hi Ebrahim – good Arabic copywriters who can do more than just write literal translations are in demand. Your work will help you get a job. If you have any question in specific, you can email me.


  36. Welcome Simon,

    If you’ve been watching global award shows in the past 15 years, or even the Gunn Report, you’ll notice that UAE is making its mark in advertising BIG TIME! Come have a look sometime 😉


  37. Hi Farruk,

    Nice to read through your blog. Congradulations for your achivement. I am interested in Copy writing and Creative marketings
    like(Brouchers,Adds etc..). I am a software engineer from India. Please do let me know how to start of with my career in this field and how will be the career opportunities for this in Inda.


  38. Hi, Farrukh!

    I’ve been surfing through your blog for some time, and I admire your passion for writing!

    Could you please help me get a job as an Arabic Copywriter in Dubai? I’ve heared ACWs are in high demand there. I’m currently an ACW in a top 5 MENA agency in the GCC and wanna move to Dubai for bigger challenges.

    Much appreciated in advance…

  39. Interesting. Like your blog. I’m a freelance art director based in London working at M&CSaatchi at the moment.
    What I’d like to say is, I worked in Dubai about 15 years ago. To judge by the standard of your work, the standards of advertising and general creativity have gone up a lot since I was there all those years ago.
    Keep it up

  40. Dear Noorulameen – waaleikum as salam,

    MBA is a great qualification – I’m sure your challenges will not hold you back from achieving big things in life. Email me and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do.

    My best wishes and prayers for a successful career ahead.


  41. Noorulameen says:

    Dear farrukh assalamu alikkum my name noorul ameen 28yrs old from indian and tamilnadu i am handicap and finish maths. Ur help me my brother this year finish mba marketing and good communication any jobs plz infame me. i waiting for side any replys ok vasalam

  42. Hi Vidya,

    It will be if you believe it will be.

    You gotta believe in it and work hard at it.


  43. Vidya Viz says:


    I have been working as a technical writer for the past two years and all job portals put me under the marquee of a writer. I wonder whether the transition from a technical writer to a creative writer is going to be seamless for me. Please advise!


  44. Dear Khurram,

    Instead of waiting for opportunities, create them. Write what you want to write. And find people who find your writing as good as you do.

    The first break isn’t always a full-time job – sometimes it all starts with one project or gig and then another… and so on.

    Instead if trying to break into a big agency without experience, I’d think doing a few projects independently first would be a better idea. But this is just my opinion, bro.


  45. Dear Anvar,

    Thanks for your support. It’s always encouraging to know that time spent writing is time well spent.


  46. Hi Saji Lal,

    Read what your target audience reads. Keep an ear open to how people are talking, what they are talking about. Best writers are the ones who can write as if they are speaking to the person reading their words.

    Also, books by David Ogilvy, Claude Hopkins are good primers for the ad life. Most ad agencies have them.


  47. Mr. Farrukh,

    My name is Khurram Shahzad and i am working as marketing coordinator in a trading company in Dubai. I am an ambitious copy writer.
    I have never been associated with any media or advertising agency but i find a natural inclination towarding writing copies. I tried but i could get an opportunity to work as professional copy writer.

    This is my dream to work in this field. I can do copy writing, concept writing and i can write scripts and screen plays. Please guide me and let me know if i have any chance to work in any ad agency in Dubai?

    I have already emailed my detailed CV to your address.

    Looking for your kind support.

  48. Hi Farrukh

    I like the kind of things you’re doing, and I like your blog

    All the best!

  49. Saji lal says:

    dear farrukh!

    It is a mere coincidence that I bumped into you. Am into advertising as a copywriter. Now iam in Doha, Qatar.

    I would like you to tell me the tips to enhance my writing skills……and would you suggest some books or magazines which would embellish my career?

    Ur answers will be of great help.

    Rgds saji lal

  50. Hi Jithu,

    I’m happy to help if I can. Have always been against people throwing their weight around as seniors because it demotivates young people.


  51. Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for your feedback. There are lots of great designers and creatives in the Muslim community. Like in any other. Yeah – it’d be good to see more marketing ‘gurus’ too :-)


  52. Hi Farukh,

    Really impressive and interesting to read your blog and your big heart to give tips and suggestions to budding young minds. I feel this is some thing great to have a mindset to share what you have experienced and it makes easier for those who are still looking for their initial career span.

    Good Wishes!!

  53. Hi Farukh

    There’s a talent though and he’s Muslim anyway because I heard him say salaam on one of his videos.

    I haven’t seen many Muslims do what he’s doing but would be nice to find out more about him cause we rarely read up on Muslim designers or video editors, or composition designers or marketing gurus within England.

    You got a great blog. Keep it going.

  54. Wa Aleikum As Salam Karim,

    So you spotted me!

    Both are topics I am interested in – Islam, and media. So, I had to attend that talk by Dr Zakir Naik held in Dubai. My office used to be on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai back then – just a few minutes walk from the venue.


  55. Assalamu 3aleikom Farukh,

    I was watching yesterday a lecture held in Dubai, a couple of years ago. ‘Media and Islam: war or peace’ And after a while I realised that you were sitting there as well haha. It was a funny coincidence. I thought it was worth mentioning 😀


  56. Roshan Gomez says:

    Thanks Farrukh…wow, tat was fast…tnx… well asking you for help was part of my research.. as for rent and accomodation..there are few places in the world where they go down…its the same story everywhere…i guess. inshalla i’ll find a job soon, god bless

    Roshan Gomez

  57. Hi Roshan and wa aleikum as salam,

    I can see you fitting well in an ad agency that handles auto clients, or in the marketing division of an auto brand. Of course, your management and writing skills are also transferable to other brands or accounts.

    Your research skills can help you zero in on the right agency/auto franchise.

    With the rent and accommodation situation getting tighter by the day, it’s becoming harder to feel at home here.


  58. Roshan Gomez says:

    Hi Farrukh

    Assalamu aleikum. Pretty interesting and informative site you’ve got, congrats. I am an MBA graduate with experience in market research and web content editing/management with specialisation in the automobile industry. I also do a bit of writing about automobile industry. How can I be of value in an ad firm. I am at Dubai on visit, and yes being a Keralite I fell at home.


  59. Wa Aleikum As Salam Karim,

    As far as I know, most of the game design and interactive design is outsourced from the UAE. If I do come across a company that could use your skills, I’l let you know.


  60. Assalamu 3aleikom Farrukh,

    I was wondering whether you know any gamedesign company in or around Dubai? Or a company of some kind who is involved in creating interactive media (not websites). I am still looking for a company for my internship. tnx in advance!


  61. Hey Sam,

    I’m seeing more and more young people and interns in ad agencies in the UAE these days – but mostly in art. So, I’d say go ahead and give it a shot. If you’ve got stuff in your book that catches a CD’s attention… you just might strike lucky.

    The pay will depend on how you negotiate. I’d think that it should be around US$ 2000 or more. Do remember though that if an agency can hire an experienced writer for the same pay (think foreign currency rates), they might not go in for a fresher.


  62. Hey Farrukh, I was wondering if you could help me out with a couple doubts I had. Do advertising firms here in Dubai employ entry level copywriters with no experience except maybe a couple months internship? In the event that they do, what’s the approximate starting pay? Thanks!

  63. Hey Farrukh,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Have a nice day!


  64. Hi Hiten,

    Welcome to the blog.

    I think a multinational can pay you US$ 2,000 upwards per month as a fresh graphic designer. Or even more depending on their HR policy.

    Pay scales have risen in the past few years due to the spiralling cost of living in the UAE.


  65. Hey Farrukh,

    You’ve grabbed yourself quite a handful with this blog i must say.
    Well, does justice to the time you’ve put in!
    I’m still about to graduate as a graphic designer, as of now, i’ve got myself an internship for my college project in one of UAE’s most well-known (apparently) creative firms.
    Just a little thought of curiosity which sprang up this afternoon.
    What the approx starting pay I could get when joining in new.


    P.S – As a graphic designer that is.

  66. Hi Isvel,

    Most multinational networks are here, many of them regularly winning awards. You can look up many of them on my posts on the Dubai Lynx/GMR/Campaign Awards winners.

    Since this is my personal blog, I try not to discuss my workplace here as a matter of principle. Keeps life simple. Hope you understand.


  67. Farrukh

    No problem that’s the least I can do for someone who is helping me. Now if you don’t mind me asking – Where do you work and do you mind giving me a list of the most creative agencies in the UAE? Thanks a lot in advance.

  68. WAASWR Ishteyaque,

    The playing field is always open for freelance. Jump right in!

    It’s easier to start off contributing features and articles on yoru topic of interest. Copywriting is more specialist and requires a very good understanding of a brand and its target market. Of course, if you work hard at it, anything’s possible!

    Go for it!


  69. Isvel,

    Glad to help. And thanks for the generosity. I’d be happy to go out for lunch. Even coffee will do 😉


  70. Hi Kamaal,

    I try to share what I can, and help how I can. Wish I could do more for writers and people like me who are passionate about making ads. And so far, it’s been a great experience.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.


  71. Ishteyaque Tauheedi says:

    its interesting to go through your profile. i m really impressed.
    i am keen to jump into the field of advertising and promotion, but as a freelancer only.
    plz direct me……

  72. Thanks a lot for your help. They are giving me medical insurance and tickets back home a couple of times a year. Someone told me to ask for house or child education expenses, so I guess is fare to ask for a bit more. Hey man thanks a lot you are a great help and if I take the job I’m going to have to buy you lunch or something. I’m just kidding don’t get freak out!


  73. Hi Isvel and welcome,

    AED 360,000 pa or AED 30,000 per month for Senior Art Director is in the industry ball park for a multinational ad agency. I’d say it’s good for a couple for sure. But for a family of four, it could get difficult if children are grown up.

    Rents can be from AED 60,000 pa upwards for just a one-bedroom apartment. End of the day, it depends on your lifestyle too.

    See if you can discuss perks to cover some of your expenses, like children’s education, etc. Hope it works out for you.


  74. Forgot to tell you the job is as a ACD-Senior Art Director, again thanks a lot for the help.

  75. Help,

    Fist of all I want to thank you for writing this blog, I quite enjoy it.
    I was just recently offered a job in Dubai with an annual salary of 360000.00 AED a year or $98,000 US; I guess my question is the following. It’s that enough of a salary for a family of four in Dubai? Thank you in advance for your help.


  76. Very interesting and informative blog Farrukh. Your name is apparently now synonymous with copywriting in UAE. I am glad to know that you are always eager to help people seeking an advertising career in the gulf.

    Wish you all the best in your creative pursuits!

    Kamaal Mustafa Sikander

  77. Wa Aleikum As Salam brother,

    Thanks for your feedback. You can look up my earlier post on getting a job as a copywriter in the UAE. Basically, you need to show your portfolio around to the CDs of your dream agency. It’s as simple as that.

    Best of luck!


  78. Assalamu alikum brother…..
    Your blog is very interesting! My name is yahya abbas. i am from india. now i am in abudhabi on visit visa. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but perhaps you could email me back information on going about getting a job in copywriting in Dubai as an ex-pat?

    Kind regards,


  79. 5 Films! Wonderful…. all the best guys!

    Eid Greetings!

  80. Hi Shine,

    Good to see you here.

    Filmmaking is on the cards again. Getting ready to stock up some serious equipment soon. Work finished on five short films.

    Get in touch with Adnan for indie films – he is the man.

    Yes, I am always reading and writing. Part of my job as an advertising copywriter and blogger 😉


  81. Hi Man,
    I thought you are going to post some informative write ups on Dubai Film Festival also. Any thing interesting happening there?

    Are you always make busy yourself into reading and writing? I didn’t seen you for long time, pal.

    an old friend in writers club

  82. Welcome back Shilov,

    I wouldn’t call your comment a rant, my friend. It’s good info. This is what my blog is for – sharing ad stories and ideas.

    It’s interesting to note that outdoor isn’t about billboards anymore. In fact, for me, outdoor is becoming one of the best spaces for guerilla stuff. Unexpected ways to rub shoulders with the consumer.

    Share your good stuff with us. Mail me and I’ll put up what’s good on this blog – with due credits.



  83. Hi Farrukh,
    Thanks for your response to my earlier post (ref. 108). What you mentioned is so true of the outdoor scene here in India as well, and I think this is mainly because agencies rarely think of outdoor as a medium wherein you are driving the message- mostly it is relegated to just a reminder medium, hence you have so few creatives that are developed specifically for outdoor. Most are just adaptations of print creatives.
    Personally, I feel that the scope we have to utilize the out-of-home medium to deliver impactful communication is huge, more so because we have an opportunity to use as large a canvas as we can, as long as clutter and visual pollution is avoided. And I think there is a total dearth of creative personnel who are dedicated to this field. An opportunity, perhaps.
    Hope you dont mind the lengthy rant in your comments section. Will try to send some interesting work we had executed, then we can have a discussion on the same. Quite often the idea would have come from another creative agency, and our outdoor unit would have only been the execution agency for the same. Will mention proper credits though. :-)

  84. Hi Asghar and welcome.

    I say it is possible, In Sha Allah.


  85. Hi Ibrahim and welcome,

    Did you write 1000 slogans for Nokia? I knowa few clients who’ll love you. The ones who ask for a 100 options 😉

    But sorry mate, you can’t join me as a copywriter. I’m a person – not an ad agency.

    Read more. Write more.


  86. hi farrukh i m from pakistan seeking job in ad agencies at uae as copy writer .wot would you like to say ,is it possible?

  87. i am a writer and want to join you as copywriter .I have diploma in both journalism and library science.I created hundreds of unique ideas on advert e.g 1000 slogans for NOKIA

  88. Hi Thomas,

    Journalism adopts an objective, neutral voice – that of a fly on the wall. Copywriting is about the voice of a brand. Writers move across all the time from journalism to advertising to scriptwriting and back. If you think you can play two roles or more as a writer, you can.

    It’s in the mind, not in the pen 😉


  89. hi Faruk, i m a copywriter in Mumbai. fresh in the business, prior to thisI worked for a youth magazine. I m sort of a journalistic writer and getting acquainted with the minimalistic style of ad copywriting. I have always wondered if it was possible to be both journalist and ad writer. How do you do this. It would be really nice if you could expatiate.I could use some some tips.Thanks.

  90. Hi Samreen,

    CDs who can spare some time to review your work will expect to see great campaignable ideas. Not just puns and smart lines. But ideas that look great and push products via any medium.

    What’s stopping you from making spec ads and creating a portfolio? Go for it. Team up with an aspiring art person if need be. Or at least do scribbles. Wish you the best!


  91. Hi Farrukh,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, don’t remember how I found it but have definitely liked what I’ve seen!

    I’m an aspiring copywriter here in Dubai, and will graduate by the end of the year, inshAllah. I was hoping to get some much needed guidance from the greatness that you are. I’m not afraid to suck up, as you can see. :)

    I’d like to know what to expect when I do brave the seas, and more importantly, what will be expected of me! How does someone in my position, with nothing to show portfolio-wise break into the business. Oh and any general information on, say, finances, would be great too. :)

    Also, on another note, I wish you’d update your blog more often! I’m looking forward to what you have to say.


  92. Hi Shilov,

    The very size of outdoor sites in the UAE will leave you breathless. But the creatives on the sites will tell you that big money does not necessarily mean great ideas.

    Much of our outdoor creative is real estate. And uncreative.

    Lots of scope for improvement.


  93. Hi Clement,

    Thanks for your generous compliments. I am much less of a guru than you so kindly describe me as. Would be happy to help if I can.


  94. Hi Exsmoker,

    Interesting to know the kind of readers my blog is attracting. Best of luck for your blog too.


  95. Hi Farrukh,
    Quite an interesting blog you have here. And I must congragulate you on having kept it alive, especially with your responses in the comments section.

    How is the outdoor advertising scene in the UAE. Here in India, I’ve found that there is an immense opportunity to add value to this particular medium, being as disorganised (both in media and creative terms) as it is. I’m in the process of setting up a specialised team for outdoor creatives and innovations, and was wondering if there is anything similar in the UAE. If so, any tips -or leads to tips- you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

  96. clement olusoji says:

    Dear Farrukh,
    i have been tremendously inspired by your great works. it has really spurred me on and am leaving no stone unturned to get to that enviable paltform you presently occupy. i am a journalist cum copy writer and would love to work is strategic alliance with you.
    its a rare privilege having gurus like you you around.
    keep up the good work bros.

  97. Hello All,

    I was reading around some of the posts here and I found interesting things that you guys talk about, I just made a blog about quitting smoking resources and ideas that you might want to check out.
    If someone is interested in this topic just go to; and let me know what you think.
    Thanks in advance.

  98. Wa Aleikum As Salam Wa Rahmah,

    It was great to meet you too, AbdulRahman. Interesting to see that you found our meeting worth blogging about :-)


  99. Salam alaikum,

    Hope you don’t mind; I wrote a small post about last night.

  100. Dear bro Hasan,

    Wa Aleikum As Salam Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatohu,

    Thank you for your kind words. And welcome to the blog.

    Here’s good wishes and prayers for your success too, in duniya and akhirah.

    Was Salam,

  101. Dear Brother Farukkh,

    As salam o alaikum wr. wb.

    Hasan Zuberi, publicist from Karachi, Pakistan.

    Allhamdolillah, God has rewarded you with very good writing skills and even that with great creativity. Keep up the good work.

    May Allah give you more success in both lives.

  102. Hi Vikramaditya,

    Congrats – yours is the 100th comment on this page.

    For travel writers, inflight magazines are the best bet. Most general interest and lifestyle magazines here do have travel and destination features – I haven’t come across one dedicated only to travel though.

    My friend Anjali Thomas who is a writer, backpacker and travel writing guru can perhaps give you a few tips. Her travel blog is at

    Have a look.


  103. Vikramaditya says:

    Hi Farrukh,
    Great to see that you take out time to answer so many pleas and e-mails. I am a copywriter, who likes to do a bit of travel writing once in a while. Can you tell me of any magazines in Dubai who I could contact to do some travel features with?

    Hoping to hear from you.

  104. Dear Riyas – I remember you well. Also your best friend ASM Shaheen 😉

    Harid from our school batch has put up the album and posted the link in the Yahoo group messages. It’s got all the nice pics.


  105. Hi Tejaswi,

    You are most welcome. I have been very very busy with work – sorry if that led to late nights for you.

    If you have been reading my blog, you’d know I would not like to be in cahoots with people engaging in plagiarism.

    It’s always a great idea to have one’s own blog/website – go for it!


  106. RIYAS ABDUL KADER says:

    Dear Farrukh

    I dont know if you remember me , Iam Riyas and studied with you till 10th in ADIS . Can you send me the snaps of the recent 93 batch alumni meet?

  107. Hello again Farrukh,
    Thanks for the reply. For a while I was actually worried that you may be in cahoots with this person I mentioned earlier and that gave me a few sleepless nights too :) I will keep you updated on the rest of the stuff that I am doing. Thanks once again for your kindness and concern. I shall probably start off with a small website and a demo reel to show clients. Let us where this leads me.. Mail me whenever you are free.

  108. Hi Faisal,

    Welcome to Dubai. It would make it easy for you to pitch yourself to ad agencies and recording studios if you have something to leave behind for them. Figure out a way to have some sound clips to share, man. Then, looking up agencies would be the easy part.


  109. Hi Dipin,

    What do you exactly want to do? Look for a job here or study more in India?


  110. Hi Tejaswi,
    Your story is very pertinent. I am planning to do something to help you out of your difficult situation and will discuss it with you via email.

  111. Hi Farrukh! Just arrived in Dubai (June13,2007) and am interested in acquiring some voice-over assignments. I have done a lot of community radio news broadcasting in the United States. I have also done broadcasting for The Metropolitan Radio Reading Service for the Blind in Washington,DC (USA). I would very much like to know if you have any contacts in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for voiceover work. If so, please do contact me. I do not have any samples of my work, as everything I did was done for community radio and they had the property rights to all the radio broadcasts. I await an acknowledgment on your part. Thanks.

  112. hi farrukh..
    am an mba studied philp kotler.. nw here in dxb..
    i wanna pursue my career in copy writing.. creative ads..
    plz gimme ur valuable advice… or name of some great institute in india..

  113. Kishore Tejaswi says:

    Hello Farrukh, I had mailed you a week back. Wondering if you did get it and kept quiet about it, or if you didn’t get it in the first place. Or maybe you do know the person I mentioned in my mail which would make it a totally different story in itself.In any case, it was nice visiting your blog.

  114. Welcome Nusrat and Wa Aleikum Salam,

    Glad to know that you find this blog of interest to you. You can find my work all around you. In the last 10 years, I have done press ads, TV commercials, radio spots, direct mail, online content and more.

    Lots of my copywriting is on the billboards and in the press in the UAE, stuff you might be seeing everyday.

    Because my concepts and even copy have a tendency to attract copycats and plagiarists (see my latest blog post), and there has even been a case of someone trying to show my campaign as theirs in one of the agencies here in Dubai, I am not planning to put my work up in the public domain for more copy-pasting any time soon.

    Can share it in person if need be.


  115. Nusrat Rafiq says:

    Salam Farrukh

    m new here, and too glad to be here! finally something of my very much interest…..havent explored fully so far, still enjoying…was wondering where could i find some of the work that you have done for the companies you mentioned above…? Appreciate your work and help. Thanks.
    Will try to stay in touch.
    Take care.

  116. Hello and welcome Sanjay – what a pleasant surprise to find another batchmate – who’s already a CEO.
    Thanks so much for the kind words – you’re doing pretty well too with CEE and other professional educational and HR initiatives.
    Looking forward to meeting you at the ADIS Alumni Meet.

  117. Hi Farrukh
    This is Sanjay Batheja – class mate 93. Dude this blog looks great and am proud of ur achievements. Great work!
    Rgds Sanjay

  118. Hi Fawad and welcome to Dubai,

    PhD in Marketing – that sounds heavy 😉

    I get my ad and marketing news from Gulf Marketing Review, Communicate, IAA’s Advocate and websites like AME Info. Zeid Nasser, a friend, has a good thing going with and Ivan Raszl has one of the largest ad galleries online at

    Of course, you’re most welcome to visit this blog for some news and views when you have time – advertising and marketing is my beat too :-)


  119. Dear Farrukh,

    I am about to start work in dubai and also completing my PhD in Marketing simultaneously. I just wanted to know if there are any magazines being published in UAE that would keep me updated with the advertising and marketing scene in UAE. I would appreciate if you reply back via email. thanks


  120. Welcome Vishal,

    You can be in advertising from the client or the agency side. See what suits you best – working on brands as a marketing/brand manager or as an agency guy in client servicing, planning, etc.

    Accordingly, you pitch your skills to your dream companies. Internships also help.

    For detailed discussion, please use my email given on this blog.

    Best of luck!


  121. Vishal Kumar says:

    hello sir,
    I am vishaL. I am pursuing MBA from himachal pradesh university shimla india with specilization in marketing and HR. i want my career in advertising, so sir what is your further suggestion for me
    hoping you reply

  122. Hi Huzefa and welcome to my blog – the search engine would have given you my blog when you searched for advertising and branding in the UAE, because that’s what I blog about. Very few people are ad blogging currently in the UAE for the passion of it rather than promoting their own agency brands.

    If you want to do your own research, the IAA in Dubai Media City, and the local advertising and marketing publications like Communicate, ADvocate and Gulf Marketing Review are a good place to start. You could also talk to research companies like Ipsos and PARC that monitor ad spend among other things.

    If you want to outsource it, let me know via email or phone.


  123. Huzefa Haamid says:

    hi farrukh

    i was doing some research on the advertising and branding in UAE. How ever the search engines dont seem to help a lot could you please help me out. i was lookin for information on the following:-

    the market for advertising and branding in UAE
    the top companies
    the strength and weekness of the industry in UAE

  124. Welcome Kenny G,

    Thank you for your compliments – I respect your feedback. Just trying to do what I can with the little that I have.


  125. Appreciate your thoughts, Zahid. As always.


  126. Always good to see people who take some time out to help others :) you just gained a lot of respect in my eyes.

    Take Care

    Kenny G

  127. Mohammed Zahid says:

    Hi Farrukh

    I read the writing of Mr. Naveen Kumar Gupta. Cool it down and take it easy, Mr. Gupta. People like you think that nobody can do anything for another person without his benefit. But goodness never dies Mr. Gupta. I believe it.

    Get well soon Mr. N.K Gupta.


  128. Welcome Naveen Kumar Gupta,

    Congratulations – you get the award for sending me the first hate mail! Looks like I am becoming famous now 😉

    Yes, I do charge for my copywriting and journalism services, and yes, this blog is to share my writing and views with people across the world. But no, I do not help or guide people for money or fame – it’s something I do because my faith and philosophy require me to. Perhaps difficult for you to understand. You can read more about it on my (click –>)writing and spirituality blog.

    Meet me for coffee sometime, bro, and maybe I’ll be able to help you turn all that negative energy to some good purpose – like having a blog of your own.


  129. naveen kumar gupta says:

    dont make your self self fish
    I know you are doing all work for money and publicity but the people are not fool as you think.
    go to hail

  130. Dear Mr Rami,

    Thank you for visiting, your kind comments and generous prayers. I am humbled.

    I’ll have a look at your email and see how I can be of assistance to you.


  131. Rami El Souki says:

    Dear Mr Farrukh,

    It’s really an honor to write you our comments where you’ll write us back. I think that what you’re doing is just Amazing, so keep up the good work and may God help you in everything you plan for.
    I’ve written you an email and i wish for your assistance.

    Rami El Souki

  132. Welcome Zahid,

    Thank you for your kind compliments – a little advice costs nothing to me but might give much to a person looking for directions.

    We are all needy – only God is self sufficient.

    There is much I have learnt from you, my friend.


  133. Mohammed Zahid says:

    Hi Farrukh

    Its Zahid here, I used to read your blogs and really impressed with.
    I always show my mates, this is Farrukh and see what the good thoughts he has, who try to guide the people through his talent.
    I am really happy to see it that you are as good person as ever ” a helping hand to needy”.

    Keep it up!

    Have a good time


  134. Welcome Raghu,

    Everyone begins somewhere in advertising. Look at existing ads around you, try to imagine what the company or brand is trying to communicate. Then, if you have a better idea, render it in a print, radio or TV ad/campaign and when you have collected a few such well thought out ads – you can show them to a Creative Director of an ad agency in your city and get his or her opinion.

    They will also be able to give you afair assessment of your ideas and guide you on next steps.

    Best of luck,


  135. i also like to do ad i have not got any experience but i can cotribute ideas for brand company attractive ads can also be made with 20 to 30 sec of time limit with in 6 shots if u like send me some brand name and contant.Iwill create the ad and send to u

  136. Welcome Daniel,

    Thanks for defying the odds to be here – I appreciate it.

    Good to have visitors all the way from China.


  137. Hi Farrukh,

    Sorry for taking so long time to finally drop by your blog and say hello, our beloved People’s Republic is currently blocking all WordPress blogs, (yesterday Blogger was finally accessible from inside the PRC again) so I had to be a little bit creative. 😉

    A nice blog it is indeed, thanks for the coverage of the Dubai Lynx!
    I’ll be sure to drop by here more often.
    And if you’re ever in China… 😉

    Kind regards

  138. Welcome Suthahar,

    Mumbai has some of the top talent in India. You can start applying and testing the market from India too – by emailing your CV and links to your portfolio to CDs here. Of course, nothing beats a face to face interview but it is a big investment to visit the UAE and look for a job.

    Wish you the best either ways,


  139. A. Suthahar says:

    Hi Dear farrukh

    My name is Suthahar. Now i am Mumbai INDIA. I am Graphic Designer, I have knowledge in Print Media, Web Media and Press Media (Advertising). I have last 8 years experience in both field.

    Now, i am planning, i will come Visit Visa to Dubai and find the job. My friends also there in Dubai.

    How is scope for me. Please give me your feedback for my life.

    A. Suthahar

  140. My contacts details are on this same page Qasim – just scroll up and look at your left when you reach the top of the page :-)


  141. M. Qasim Akbar says:

    ya dear farrukh thanx for offer, sure anytime and v may have some chit chat and disscussion over a weekend………….. that would be a great time hopefully.
    Just mail me or can give ur numer i will be contacting and have more

  142. Welcome Qasim,

    Thanks for your feedback, bro. Great to know that you’re in Dubai too – maybe we could have a coffee sometime.


  143. Hi Vikram,

    Your blog is amazing too. I love most of your cartoons. Thanks for the bookmark. It’s a pleasure to have you visiting :-)


  144. M. Qasim Akbar says:

    Hi furruk this is blog is useful and very interested, I just want to introduce myself i m qasim and working in dubai as an visualizer and been in advertising field for more than 5 years. this great to be the part of this community.

  145. HI Farrukh

    You have a very impressive blog. Loved the HP & Percept ads…
    Bookmarking your site…. makes me nostalgic of my Advertising days…


  146. Hi Ritesh,

    Welcome back – I hope you had a great trip back home.

    I receive a lot of emails and enquiries from people needing help and advice – and it’s always a pleasure to be of service to fellow creatives and ad professionals.

    Being in the business of communication, we ad professionals and creative people are always in a better position to serve the society with information and advice.


  147. Hi Farrukh,

    Hey dude, I had been to India for some work, and I have just returned. I know you may not be wanting it, but I definitely will want to write something about your blog.

    Your blog has helped me a lot in re-affirming my faith in the local job market, especially in the advertising field. It is very rare that you run across into a person who has this unsatisfying urge to help others. Going by the number of people who must be be gaining something substantial out of your blog, you definitely deserve a sincere pat on the back. Keep up the good work, Farrukh. I, too, will definitely do something good and noble like you, in the hope that some lost soul may come looking for a direction, just like I had.

  148. Georgekutty says:

    Thanks. Help me to find a right job there. It’s great to read you here in your interesting blog.

  149. Georgekutty: Sir, you’ll feel at home here 😉


  150. Georgekutty says:


    It looks really interseting for a copywriter in Kerala. I am looking for openings in Dubai.

  151. Hi Abhik – if my call would have found you a job, I would have made it. But I am not there yet. Does the company have an intern programme? Maybe you could join as a trainee.


  152. Abhik ghosal says:

    Sir I am lookinf for a job in LG,as a fresher I need a call from u my contact 09897735431

  153. Hi Ahmed from Amman. Welcome.

    The next step is to also send your CV to a Creative Director who’s looking for someone like you 😉


  154. thats such a Cool Website i loved the idea Its Soo Out there anyways i sent you my CV and i dont know what is the next step lol

    this is Ahmed From Jordan – Amman

  155. Welcome Mr Farrukh Waqar – we share our name as well as our industry. Good to meet you!

  156. Hi Shoaib: More useful than your personal details would be a link to your portfolio which you can put online. Doesn’t cost anything to put up a few pages on the net. I wish you luck in your career.


  157. Hi, I M farrukh waqar, How are you.
    I m Working in ‘Ajman,. as a Graphics Designer

  158. Shoaib Akhtar says:

    Hello Farrukh Bhai,

    I just saw your page.
    oh! I’m Shoaib Akhtar, hhhmmm but from Pakistan (Karachi).
    Basically I’m working in an big advertising agency as a visualizer in Dubai-UAE before year, but I’m not satisfied to my job. (No creativity)
    it is also easy for me move any where. how to tell you do something.
    I m graduate of graphic design and full command many graphic software.
    Please Farrukh bhai do something for me.



  159. farrukh: copywriter & journalist says:

    Hi Jaya: Welcome to my blog. I’m planning to watch the movie called ‘Outsourced’ at the Dubai International Film Festival. It’s about India’s call centres :-)

    Hi Stuart – Great to have an active commentor like you on board. I look forward to yoor comments – some of the juicy posts were written earlier this year – do check them out during your visits. One of the reasons for me to have a blog is to help people in any little way I can – hence the job tips :-)

  160. Hey Farrukh even thought about becoming a recruitment consultant? In seriousness some great views on this blog, tend to skip across from Campaign to Flip, now i’ve found this blog as well to vent some of my frustrations and twisted humour. Keep up the good work.

  161. hey i jus saw ur message on my blog ….keep me informed if u need to outsource any wrk im based in india

  162. Hi Heather, I loved the way The Court Jester handled the smoking issue – and it’s funny that people aren’t getting the humour in the solution suggested. Happy to know you liked Hanna’s poem. He wrote it with a lot of heart 😉

    Looking forward to more visits by you and Ben,

  163. Hi Farrukh, thanks for the posting about The Court Jester’s take on how to help people quit smoking – I have to give Ben credit for writing that one. We had a good laugh coming up with ideas for how to shock people out of the habit! I enjoyed your “life of a freelance writer” post – unique idea your friend had, send them a poem! Ha. Have a great day, I will certainly be back to check out your blog again. Cheers.

  164. We could chat too, Mahi. Maybe I sound like your friend too 😉


  165. I never seen the other LeoBurnett farrukh, even but we chatted over the phone many times. So I can’t just re-make any “mela” lol

  166. Hi MAhi,

    Did that guy look liek the picture on this page? If yes, we could make a Hindi movie again with a kumbh mela theme 😉


  167. Hi Farrukh,

    Off topic. Are you the one worked in Leo Burnett bangalore back in 1995-2000?

    Good blog dood, keep an eye on me:)

  168. i have number of Great TV Commercials from around the globe .. for refrencing and education . it is great to have in your collection .. all the tvcommercials in dvd quality and best results for viewing .
    please take a look at this website where u can find the demo as well .
    please feel free to reply me .
    Thanks !

    ~~ TVCZ Team ~~

  169. Hi Karthikeyan,

    MBA’s can go for client servicing, account planning in ad agencies. I’d suggest that you start with a good MNC in the marketing department or an international ad agency in India first before you apply for a job in the UAE.

  170. Karthikeyan says:

    Hi Farrukh,
    I pursed my MBA full time course in Bangalore. Come out as a Marketing specialised student. Do u think, am i suitable for work in any ad-based company, being a fresher without any experience..!!! .If u have any jobs in ur hand for MBA Fresher Marketing & Advertising ,inform me..

  171. Hi Ashok:
    Welcome to my blog. Yes, the clients want us to make their logos bigger here too in the UAE.

    Hi Evelyn:
    It is better if you come to the UAE with a couple fo years of experience rather than at the beginning of your career I think. Many agencies here rcruit from India too. Mumbai people are aplenty here.

    Hello Ms Sissi:
    Salaries can range from $1000 to $5000 and beyond for copywriters here in the UAE depending on your credentials and the company. Sadly, nationality also comes into play many times.

    Hi Jojo:
    Thanks for your feedback. I am glad that all this is making sense to you. Wish you luck in your efforts.


  172. jojo dsouza says:

    Hi Farrukh,
    now this is really like light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been in advertising and media in Goa – India for over ten years and came here to better my prospects. I’ve been here a month and it’s tough going, but then it got me going too … i just came across your site and i found it had all the insights i need.

    I’m a specialist in print production and back home own a Xerox DC12 and Dc2006 colour laser printers.

    keep the words flowing and thanks for sharing your insights .. it really is like light at the end of the tunnel for those of us who know we’re good but just need that break


  173. Hi Mr. Faroukh , hi everybody
    Can anyone tell me the salary average of an Ad copywriter in UAE?
    thanks a lot

  174. Hi Farrukh Naeem,
    dis is evelyn from india(mumbai).. well i hv graduated with a mass media degree. i currently work as a freelancer for few agencies and hv arnd 2 months ex with ultimedia solutions as a ppc.. was looking fwrd to move to dubai as it is very diffi to get a job here in mumbai alongwith a good pay.. if u cud lemme knw whter moving to dubai wud b gud enough and if i do cum on a visit visa is it possible to find a gud job in the field of advertising

  175. hi naeem,

    this is ashok from india….working in O&M, i want to kno the difference betwween the work churned out in your part of the world and in mine….do clients rule there also????

  176. Hi Farrukh Naeem
    My name is Pratima Finch from Media Prima. I assist Mr.Graeme Wilson who is an international author based in Dubai. I came across your profile on the net and would like to meet you in person for some serious work.
    For more details about our company you can log on to
    Thanking you and awaiting your positive response.
    With Best Regards

  177. Hi Farrukh,

    Congratulations for your work, style and patience for responding everybody here !
    Well, I am also in Dubai and running an IT and webmarketing company in DIC ( just want to wish you all the best and keep the good articles flowing.

    To the creative people here running after the “gold paved street of Dubai”: being creative is a good thing, being able to sell it to the market is certainly an asset you should also focus on.


  178. Salam Mr. Furrukh. I am Naveed I need job of Graphics Designing

  179. Hi Farukh

    Global Brand Forum at Singapore Nov 6 and 7 Ritz Carlton.
    Beyond 2006 the conference on Advertising and Creativity on Nov 27 and 28 Singapore.

    Ms Jyoti Easwaran
    00971 50 4295293

  180. I urgently need to find a strong arabic copywriter for a job opening in an agency that ranks Top 5 in the world and 2nd in jordan, does anyone have any recommendations. Please help!

  181. Dharmen Sharma says:

    Dear Farrukh,

    another feather in ur cap …. CreativeMajlis…recently I read the article.

    well , i would like to be part of ur group…let me know when something comes up where you need my assistance.



  182. Anonymous says:

    Dear Farrukh,

    another feather in ur cap …. CreativeMajlis…recently I read the article.

    well , i would like to be part of ur group…let me know when something comes up where you need my assistance.



  183. Hi Binku: I have received your email – will reply when I can.

    Hi Kiani: Sending your CV to recruitment agencies here ( might help. May God help you through this difficult time. Ameen.

  184. muhammad rafique kiani says:

    Farrukh Naeem
    i am earthquck affected person from Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir (pakistan )and want to get some job in other country. i have lost every thing, house, and beloved ralatives. i have 5 years experiance in field of computer networking and gis cartography. i offer my services for any organization. if u can help please u call me at my contact ph. nos or send me mail. i will prove my self.
    thanx for u r kindnes.
    Raja Muhammad Rafique Kiani

  185. Hi Farrukh,

    iam from India and negotiating for a profile in a DM agency in Dubai.

    Have taken the liberty to write to you on your yahoo id in detail. Hope to have your response.



  186. Hi Neelesh: I think I can suggest some great things you could do with your voiceover talent – go to this website’s ‘home’ page, you’ll find my number there. Call me.

    Hi Firoz: Wa Alaikum As Salam. You’ll have to do the running around and portfolio showing. Creative Directors are usually quick to spot talent. I can help with my good wishes :-)

    Hi Nasser: Thanks for your kind words. Beards rock, man – so say that Ma Sha Allah once again 😉

    Hi Nabeel: I wish you luck in your aspirations.

  187. Muhammed Nabeel .K says:

    Dear Farrukh,

    Myself Muhammed Nabeel from India. I appreciate you for coming up with a blog that can lead new ways for creative people like me. I am a graphic designer as well as a photographer. I dont speak much but my pictures or my work do. I am a person who believes in creative power. I play around with lot of colors. My friend is my camera and my toys are Photoediting softwares. I always wish to work with creative people and that thought led me to think about advertising where I can come up with new ideas.

    I really wanted to work in India but being the eldest son I have some responsibilities. So, my dad has plans to take me to dubai. As a fresher I am not worried about getting a job in an ad company. I believe in my work. Inshah allah, no matter how long it will take i would defenitly work in an ad company. I have created my portfolio and will be sending it to you at the earliest.

    As a creative person working in this field I request you to guide me to achieve my goal. Your reply will be appreciated.


  188. Farrukh,

    Masha-Allah, Im impressed. I was even more impressed when I saw that you had that symbol of manhood! Beard.


  189. Assalamu Alikkum.
    Hai, Am firoz. I am a Graphic Designer with 3+ yrs of experience in print media from India. Now am searching a job as a Graphic Designer in any advertising agencies or related firms.
    Am expecting your help to find a good job.
    waiting for your positive responds.

  190. hi farrukh

    i am in dubai for many years and have hobby of doing mimic of indian film stars..would like to know how to get chance for is not that important..

  191. Naeem: I wish you luck in your job hunt – and thanks for the phone call.

    Prashant: It’s always good to pick up the basics in a place like Mumbai which is swarming with talent and legends of the advertising industry. My advice to you would be to sharpen your skills in a mature market like India first – doing the rounds of local agencies here in the UAE will help you see what I am saying. Wish you luck.


  192. prashant kumar says:

    Dear Farrukh

    Saw everyone’s comment on your blog, don’t think words can justify your creativity and work. Hey let me intoduce myself, I am prashant from Bombay, recently finished my graduation in Mass Media(Advertising) and looking for a job in advertising agencies (creative dept. -copywriter) here in Dubai. I am in Dubai these days and searching for a job, I have also mailed you my cv at your yahoo id.
    I would be greatful, if you could help me with my endeavour.

    thanks & regards
    prashant kumar
    +971 50 3470525

  193. Naeem khan says:

    Salam alaikum
    My Name is Naeem Khan from india i have got 20 year expeareance as a Art Director and 4 year in uae, Now i am in visit visa it is valid on 12 aug 06, Please see me sutable job for me
    Naeem khan

  194. Dharmen,

    Thanks for your feedback and compliments.

    How can I say no to coffee? I’ve sent you a mail.

    These days, I have a weakness for coffee with crushed ice – blame the UAE summer for this perversion 😉


  195. Dear Farrukh.

    I like ur lingo style and cool attitude .

    All the best for ur future plans , lemme know if u have something intresting to be done as a research project where u need free assistance with an aim to share info & knowledge and i will do my best. BYW i am M.B.A from S.P.Jain Dubai in Sales & Marketing and working in one of the 5 star properties in U.A.E. lemme know if u would like to have a cappachino with me !


  196. Abhilash,

    You have to have a better career plan than that.

    Start with a powerful portfolio, then look for agencies with UAE presence, then apply to them, perhaps save up enough money for a visit, meet CDs here – it’s hard work the way I see it,not ‘arrangement’.

  197. Abhilash.A.B says:

    I am Abhilash from Kerala (India) I am working as a Graphic designer in a studio. I also handle digital photography ,videography and video editing. I am very interesting in working UAE. Please arrange me a job in UAE.

    Yours faithfully,

  198. Jesse – I'm still on the younger side of 30, man. But don't let that fool you coz I also happen to have 10 years in advertising under my belt 😉

    Andrew – Sent you a mail already.

  199. Hey Farrukh,
    Your blog is great and instructive for me. As a one-time journalist and now a copywriter in LeoBurnett Lagos, i think i find your writing style unique.

    I wonder if there’s any writing collabos we could do. i can ferret info on what’s happening here in Nigeria as may be relevant for publications in UAE.

    Can i get to see some of your award winning works? Won’t mind having some experience in Dubai at some point man.

    Keep up the beat bro. At least, if they throw you out based on the number of ages and not the wisdom inherent in it, you have loads of stuff to still do and be on top with your huge reservoir of talent.


  200. Hi Farooq, Please if u can direct Mr Georgy it will be great help.

  201. Hey there Rick,

    Check my post “Copywriting jobs in the UAE” on this blog, dated today. It’s for you.


  202. Your blog is very interesting! I’m interested in entering your very same career area in Dubai. Currently I work in London. I’m an American. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but perhaps you could email me back information on going about getting a job in copywriting in Dubai as an ex-pat?

    Kind regards,


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